Take Your B2B Brand Awareness on LinkedIn to the Next Level – 5 Tips

By Logicserve News Desk

  • July 30, 2021,
b2b brand awareness on linkedin

As one of the leading professional networks, LinkedIn is an excellent place for B2B brands to reach potential clients. Unlike Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, LinkedIn is a dedicated professional platform built with the sole objective of establishing and reinforcing business relationships.

According to a recent report by LinkedIn, there are more than 57 million companies listed on the platform. For any B2B brand, this could hold a lot of potential.

But knowing LinkedIn has vast prospects and effectively using it to boost your brand awareness are two very different things. If you are searching for effective ways to improve your B2B brand awareness on LinkedIn, here are 5 tips that can help-

1. Use Company Page for Generating Leads

LinkedIn has updated the profile page by adding several interactive capabilities. From articles, status updates, videos, projects, expertise, recommendations to certifications, awards, and patents, you can now create compelling company profiles that offer detailed insights into your operations.

The company profile should be used as a pipeline to encourage people to visit your official company website. Try to provide as much compelling information as possible to help people know more about your company and lead them to the conversion action of visiting your website.  

2. Optimize Page Performance

Be it your website or Linked page, optimization is the key to boost awareness. You can optimize your profile by adding photos, details of key employees, headers/logos, etc., to ensure that your page looks more human and not like any other generic company profile.

Even the text of your profile page should be optimized as per the best SEO practices, as Google will probably list your profile along with up to 156 characters of your content in the search results. Adding relevant keywords in the company description and other content can help.

3. Know Your Audience

Through Website Demographics, LinkedIn has made it easier for businesses to know more about their audience. You can use this tool to discover the professional traits of people visiting your website and the type of content they mostly engage with.

This information can be used to create content that targets the appropriate audience, measure the impact of your initiatives, and boost ROI. Moreover, there are also several LinkedIn automation tools that allow you to target audience based on many different demographics to help you generate more qualified leads.

4. Use Showcase Pages

Companies can also create showcase pages for promoting their individual brands. If your business units have a specific target audience, you can use a showcase page to attract more qualified leads by delivering highly relevant information.

The showcase page is different from the company profile in many ways. For instance, it allows for a bigger header image, more update posts, and multiple places to link it back to the company. Try to keep the name of your showcase page short and add words that are relevant to the target audience.

5. Use LinkedIn Groups

You can also join LinkedIn groups to find people sharing similar expertise or interests. Apart from staying updated about the latest happenings in your industry, LinkedIn groups are also an excellent place to find leads in bulk.

Search and join relevant groups that are active with a decent number of members. Try to be active in these groups, and you should be able to find qualified leads in the process.

Improving Brand Awareness on LinkedIn

As millions of companies use LinkedIn, it is one of the best digital sources to find leads. But like any other marketing strategy you use to boost your brand’s awareness, it will take time and effort to get the expected results.

With the tips discussed above, you now know the areas where you should focus your efforts upon. You can also consider hiring a reputed digital marketing company that already understands LinkedIn marketing to accelerate the results and give your brand the right opportunity to reach the right businesses.

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