Data Infrastructure Assessment

Data Infrastructure Assessment
The need to assess your Data Infra

The success of any organization depends on how well you understand your consumer.

In the digital world, marketers are faced with a constant dilemma of how to predict consumer behavior. Understanding this, would help marketers to tap on expected user behavior by providing them their solutions at the right time. All marketing budgets are aligned towards getting this right.

Marketers need solutions that provides them a singular view of all their marketing efforts, to enable them to make goal-oriented decisions.

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Our third party add serving and tracking platform, Google’s campaign manager, helps in creating one view of your consumer’s journey. It helps serving and tracking your ads served on multiple platforms (GDN, Video Streams, Social Media and native), at an impression and click level. Our experts will capture the consumer journey through multiple footprints left behind by the user.

All this data together, creates the user journey, right from the point of first impression to when the user finally converts.

With the use of advanced tools like BigQuery, Hadoop, Python etc, the collected data can be churned to form various models, that can assist in forming predictive and prescriptive analysis.

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