AMS Audit

AMS Audit

We Analyze Your Account to Maximize Results

An audit is the right way to understand well the clear picture of how well and why your Amazon campaigns are performing the way they are, but one must also realize that it needs good track knowledge, acute level of understanding, market know how relevant to your business which makes audit function incredibly labor intensive.

To start of well with Amazon Ads or any ad account for that instance, the foundation is they key to build the right mix of strategy, keywords, audience demographics likewise elements. LS Digital team has pulled together a fundamental yardstick of things which makes sure to review first when onboarding a new or existing Amazon Ads account. You may not choose to do audits due to not knowing the value of it, or it may have just not being too important in your agenda, rather it maybe you may be unaware why is you campaign not working and never knew to audit the same. Nevertheless, you may want to consider the Audit of your account that will ensure to plug-in loop holes due to ageing in campaign design, market dynamics changes, competition upbeat strategy that may have left your campaign at bay not delivering what it is supposed to.

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